feb-3.jpgYou might already be aware that vitamin D is essential for good general health, but did you know it can help protect your oral health? Ensuring you receive enough vitamin D can reduce the risk of tooth decay, and it also helps to promote better gum health, protecting you against serious diseases like gum disease. It can be especially important for people with dental implants, and a vitamin D deficiency is one potential reason for implant failure. Unfortunately, many people are deficient in vitamin D, and one reason is a diet that is high in heavily processed foods and lacking nutrition.

If you have noticed you have some problems with tooth decay or gum disease despite good oral care, it could be worth discussing your vitamin D levels with your doctor. If necessary, they can carry out a blood test to determine your levels and can talk to you about how best to increase them. One way is to review your diet and to make sure you eat foods that are high in vitamin D such as fish, and fresh milk is another good source. Some foods are fortified with vitamin D such as orange juice and cereal. Another way is to make sure you spend 10 minutes or so soaking up the sun each day. Alternatively, your doctor may recommend nutritional supplements.