For many patients, dentures remain a popular tooth replacement option. To ensure your dentures fit comfortably and are stable several appointments will be required.

Dentures can be made entirely from acrylic or acrylic fused with a metal base to provide you with additional support.

A partial denture is to replace a few missing teeth and a full denture is used to replace an entire upper or lower arch, or both.

It is important to remove your denture at night to enable your gums to rest after they have supported your dentures all day and during meals. Placing your dentures in a glass of water or a denture solution will prevent them from drying out, which can cause them to become brittle, change shape and affect their fit, stability and comfort.

When you are teeth missing, the contour of your gums can change. Therefore you will occasionally require the base of your denture to be refined to keep it fitting securely and comfortably with your gum-line.

Also, mouth ulcers and cancers can occur under your dentures and may go undiagnosed for some time. Attending regular dental check-ups at Integrated Dental Care can ensure your mouth and gums remain in perfect oral health.