Beautifully straight teeth can be an amazing asset, but very few people are lucky enough to have teeth that are nicely aligned and which bite together accurately. However, very few adults want to wear highly visible fixed braces. Angel Aligners allow you to straighten teeth discreetly.

What are Angel Aligners?

Angel Aligners use clear aligner technology to straighten teeth nearly invisibly. Diverse Dental has chosen to supply this product as it has twenty years of proven results using cutting-edge technologies. Treatment outcomes are predictable, and the clear aligners are specially made to be comfortable to wear and easy to use.

The clear plastic aligners are removable, fitting tightly over teeth and are virtually invisible once in the mouth. Each set of aligners is custom designed to place the right amount of pressure on specific teeth so the teeth and tooth roots gradually move into the proper positions, following a predetermined treatment plan and creating a straighter, more attractive and healthy smile.

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Who Can Have Angel Aligners?

Treatment is generally suitable for adults and older teens with strong, healthy teeth. The system can correct a wide range of orthodontic problems, including:

• Overcrowding
• Gaps between teeth
• Overbites
• Open bites
• Crossbites

When you visit Diverse Dental, we can examine your teeth, identify the problems requiring correction and determine if you are suitable for this clear aligner system. The next step is to plan your treatment carefully.

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Planning Clear Aligner Treatment

Treatment planning is carried out using a 3D digital scan of your mouth. The scan creates a highly accurate 3D image so we can plan your treatment precisely. Once we have completed your treatment plan, you can view virtual images showing how your teeth are predicted to look once straightened. If you wish, the plan can be altered until you are happy with the outcome. It is a very useful exercise allowing you to become more involved with treatment planning and clearly see the potential benefits of Angel Aligner treatment.


What to Expect During Treatment


Treatment is very straightforward; you simply need to wear the aligners continually, only removing them for meals and oral care. Initially, your aligners might feel a bit strange to wear, as with any new dental appliance, but they should soon feel comfortable. You wear each set for two weeks, then move on to the next set, continuing until your treatment plan is complete. There might be some mild, temporary discomfort when you first begin wearing a new set as your teeth start to move.

There is no need to change your diet or avoid certain foods, which is the case with fixed braces. You can follow your normal oral care routine, brushing your teeth and cleaning the aligner trays each time they are removed. We will need to see you periodically, usually every six weeks or so, but these visits should be quick. They are merely to check your teeth are moving as planned and to make any necessary adjustments.

Once you complete treatment, you will need to wear retainers that are made from the same clear plastic material and which are very discreet.

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