feb-4.jpgThe summer months are ideal for enjoying the outdoors, but many activities carry the risk of a dental injury, including contact and non-contact sports. Dental injuries can chip or crack teeth, or even worse knock them out entirely, a situation that can be upsetting and expensive to correct. If you love playing sports, we recommend getting a properly made, sports mouthguard.

Here at Diverse Dental, we can provide you with a custom-made mouthguard designed to offer maximum protection while you enjoy your chosen sports. Our mouthguards are made from tough, odour free material and are comfortable to wear. Unlike anything you can buy over the counter, a custom-made mouthguard won’t affect your breathing, and it won’t fall out. Over-the-counter mouthguards tend to be very uncomfortable and can hinder breathing, and they offer little real protection. Because a custom-made mouthguard is comfortable to wear, you are far more likely to use it.Download pdf - Diverse.png

They are also super easy to care for as you just need to rinse them thoroughly after using and clean them regularly using cool, soapy water. We recommend bringing your mouthguard with you to checkups, so if needed, we can clean it professionally. Between uses, store the mouthguard in the container provided and make sure it isn’t left in the sun or near another heat source that could distort it.

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