3.jpgHalloween is a season that is synonymous with sweet treats, but it is possible to keep it a bit healthier. It isn’t realistic to ban sweets altogether, but you can include other foods that are far more nutritious, and which are still lots of fun.

One thing is to consider creating Halloween themed fruit and vegetable-based treats and which can be assembled as a fun family activity and encourage healthier snacking. For example, partially peeled Granny Smith apples look just like mummies, and you can add mini chocolate chips or dried blueberries for eyes. Serve them with a healthy yoghurt dip for a burst of protein and calcium. There are plenty of recipes online or get creative with your kids.

Alternatively, how about a frozen treat that tastes good but which provides vitamin C and a boost of protein. You can make ice lollies by first freezing yoghurt before adding a layer of orange juice, and then a layer of pineapple juice, or choose other juice flavours that appeal.

Another easy Halloween themed treat uses clear plastic cups and marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Cut the marshmallows into slices and poke a hole in each, replacing it with a chocolate chip to create eyes. Put the eyes inside the clear plastic cup and fill it with your choice of snack; grapes make a healthy and tasty option.

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