2.jpgWhen your blood sugar is balanced, energy levels increase, your mood stabilises, cravings are reduced, and your hormones are balanced. When you eat foods that release energy quickly, it can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, but there are some easy and natural ways you can balance your blood sugar.

Choose Foods with a Low Glycaemic Index Value

Foods with a low glycaemic index include vegetables, some fruits, legumes, whole grains, and nuts and seeds. They release energy slowly into the bloodstream, helping to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Include Protein with Every Meal

Protein is satiating meaning it keeps you full for longer, and it releases energy slowly. It’s especially important to eat protein when you have carbohydrates to slow down the release of energy.

Eat Breakfast

Make sure you eat breakfast that includes healthy fat and protein such as eggs and avocados.

Give Artificial Sweeteners a Miss

Artificial sweeteners might not contain any sugar, but they can have the same effect on blood sugar as the white stuff.

Avoid Sweet Drinks and Fizzy Drinks

Sweet drinks and fizzy drinks are often packed with sugars and preservatives that inevitably cause a blood sugar spike and can cause hormonal imbalances.