3.jpgChocolate is everywhere, and you probably want to have at least a few Easter indulgences, and the good news is that you needn’t harm your teeth. Follow our simple tips to remain cavity-free this Easter.

Stick to Eating Chocolate

That’s right, we are recommending that you eat chocolate! It’s a far better choice compared with sticky sweets that will stick to your teeth for hours on end or very hard sweets that could chip your teeth. Chocolate melts very quickly and leaves very little residue.

Don’t Nibble on Your Chocolate for Too Long

It’s Easter, so we understand you may want to graze on chocolate all day long, but please try to resist. It’s better to eat your chocolate all at once, preferably when you have a main meal. This is because it reduces the amount of time your teeth are exposed to cavity-causing acids that are created by mouth bacteria every time you eat something sweet.

Finally, rinse but don’t brush for at least half an hour afterwards as this gives your saliva a chance to neutralise acids in your mouth.