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4 Nov 2021, 6:16 pm
Your wisdom teeth are right at the back of the mouth and are the very last to come through during the late teens or early 20s. However, sometimes they can cause problems, often
4 Nov 2021, 6:10 pm
We often see patients with tooth cracks, but while some are serious, other types may not need any treatment. There are five different types of tooth cracks which are:
4 Nov 2021, 5:40 pm
Healthy teeth need healthy gums to support them and ensure they may remain firmly in place. Gum disease, unfortunately, is a common problem, but it is preventable, and we’ve listed six
4 Nov 2021, 5:29 pm
Most people know they should visit their dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, but it can be tempting to skip these appointments, especially if you think you don’t have any
14 Sep 2021, 6:23 pm
Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to protect and strengthen your tooth enamel and is extremely effective when used correctly. Dental fluorosis is a condition that
14 Sep 2021, 6:17 pm
Springtime is when many people start to suffer from allergies. If you are affected, do you know how it can impact your oral health? Allergies can cause several oral problems,
14 Sep 2021, 6:13 pm
Follow these easy tips to enjoy a happier and healthier smile.
14 Sep 2021, 6:05 pm
If you have noticed your breath smells nasty when wearing a face mask, you can’t necessarily blame it on the mask as it could be a dental health problem. Many people have halitosis or
15 Aug 2021, 5:16 pm
Are you currently considering a smile makeover and wondering what the benefits might be? Most people want smile makeovers because they are unhappy with the appearance of their
15 Aug 2021, 5:14 pm
Everyone knows sugar is bad for teeth, and it is well-known for causing cavities. This is because when you eat sugary foods, the leftover particles feed bacteria found in dental