1.jpgRoot canal therapy is one of those treatments that many people fear, but there really isn’t any need. In fact, root canal therapy which is also known as endodontic therapy is an excellent treatment because it can save a severely infected tooth. This procedure removes an infection from deep inside the pulp of the tooth which is the root canal. It’s often regarded as being a painful treatment, but the very opposite is true.  Root canal therapy can relieve a painful toothache caused by a tooth infection. The only alternative would be to have the tooth removed which is something we strive very hard to avoid.

During root canal therapy, we use plenty of local anaesthetic to ensure the tooth is entirely numb. Next, we make a small hole in the crown of the tooth so we can see the pulp. The pulp is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, getting rid of all the diseased and infected nerves and blood vessels. Once cleaned, the tooth is sealed and usually must be restored with a full dental crown. The tooth pulp isn’t necessary for an adult tooth to survive, and often a tooth that has received root canal therapy will last for years or even for life. We think that’s far better than an extraction!