4.jpgGood dental health is a great gift that can last for life, and it is essential to establish your child’s “dental home” while they are still very young. Diverse Dental is a family-oriented practice, and we are proud to be a “dental home” for many children already. We care for young children like family, treating them very gently, and everyone goes out of their way to make children feel comfortable and relaxed. We strive very hard to ensure each visit is as enjoyable as possible, and as they grow older, is educational too.

Getting Your Child Used to Dental Care

Initially, we suggest bringing your child with you for your regular checkups, so they become familiar with all the new sights, sounds and smells in a dental practice. When the time comes, we hope they will be curious about their checkup which is merely a quick look in their mouth while they sit comfortably in the dental chair. Little ones can stay sitting on your lap. Regular dental checkups allow us to monitor your child’s dental health closely, so any problems are quickly detected and treated. By seeing your child regularly, we can build a good foundation for oral health that will last them into adulthood and beyond.