Somehow, you expect children to have fresh breath, but they can develop bad breath or halitosis just like adults. Often, bad breath is purely temporary and is caused by eating strongly flavoured foods like garlic and onions. Other times, halitosis can be more persistent. If this is the case, make an appointment for your child to see a dentist. It could be that their halitosis is caused by an untreated dental problem, for example, tooth decay or gum disease, and most often because of poor oral hygiene.

When your child’s teeth aren’t brushed and flossed regularly, plaque and food debris will soon build up. Old food particles will gradually rot which will smell very unpleasant. The bacteria in plaque use leftover food for energy, and they can smell nasty too.

We can check the condition of your child’s teeth to make sure they don’t have any cavities or signs of gum disease. A professional dental cleaning can work wonders for bad breath by removing old plaque and tartar build-up, and any food debris. Also, we can work with your kid, teaching them the best way to brush and floss so they grow up knowing the best and most effective techniques.