Dentures are an easy and affordable way to replace missing teeth, but if they don’t fit properly, they can rub uncomfortably and make it difficult to eat the foods you love. There are several reasons why dentures may not fit, and often it’s because they haven’t been maintained correctly.

You should only clean your dentures in lukewarm water and store them in water to keep them damp overnight. If you clean your dentures in water that is too hot, it can warp them. Failing to store your dentures and water will allow them to dry out and they can change shape, and become increasingly fragile.

Over time, your jawbone changes shape due to bone resorption. These changes can cause dentures to become increasingly ill-fitting. It might also be that your dentures have reached the end of their life. Usually, you can expect dentures to last between five and seven years when properly maintained. 

If your denture is ill-fitting, make an appointment to see us because we can help you. We can check the condition of your dentures. If needed, we can reline the fitting surface, so they fit more securely or remake them entirely. Alternatively, we can discuss other ways to stabilise loose dentures, such as using dental implants.