2.jpgSome people delay or avoid regular preventative dentistry, considering it too expensive or too time-consuming, but the very reverse can be true. Regularly seeing your dentist is the easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain a healthy smile. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are affordable and will only take an hour or so every six months.

In comparison, neglecting oral health can allow serious oral health problems to develop, such as advanced tooth decay and gum disease. These can be costly and time-consuming to correct and might require ongoing care. Also, untreated dental disease can affect overall health and is increasingly linked to serious health problems including heart disease and cancer.

When you have regular dental checkups, any small issues are quickly detected and treated promptly. Your dentist will work with you to make sure your oral care routine is the best it can be and can show you how to brush and floss more effectively, suggesting the best tools and products to use. Often, people who follow this simple routine will only need to see their dentist during their regular checkups and cleanings. Perhaps the real secret is that a healthy smile is quick and easy to care for, as you need only spend less than 10 minutes each day protecting your teeth and gums and your overall health.