Your holiday time is precious so follow these tips to enjoy every moment.

1. Do look forward to your holiday as this can significantly boost happiness levels. If you can, plan far enough in advance so you can savour the thought of going away.

2. Don’t pack too much in. It is tempting to try and do and see everything, but resist because it can become stressful. If the location is lovely, plan to go back instead.

3. Avoid working too hard directly before and after your break. Lots of people work incredibly hard just before and immediately after their holiday and end up feeling too exhausted to relax fully. If you can, plan for any extra work over a longer period and ensure everyone knows about your vacation well in advance.

4. Make sure you are prepared well before the trip, so you aren’t rushing around on last-minute shopping trips. Buying things in advance also helps to build excitement and anticipation.

5. Once you reach your destination, disconnect from social media and spend the time reconnecting with people around you. Your holiday is a well-earned chance to strengthen bonds with loved ones and friends and to ensure you are fully recharged and ready to face the year ahead.