dec-2.jpgWe hope you have been nice to your teeth this year, but the New Year signals the time for overhauling habits and making new resolutions. We’ve listed a few tips to help enhance your oral care routine for Christmas and beyond.

Refresh Your Brushing Technique

While brushing your teeth, make sure you hold the bristles as a 45° angle so they can reach right down to your gum line and just below the gums where plaque tends to build up. Don’t use too much pressure when brushing your teeth and some electric toothbrushes have built-in sensors. When you brush your teeth too hard, it can damage your teeth and gums. Lastly and most importantly make sure you spend at least two minutes cleaning your teeth. You need this long to clean all tooth surfaces.

Ensure You Floss Thoroughly

Make sure you floss your teeth once a day, taking the time to clean each tooth separately using a clean section of dental floss for every tooth. Slide the dental floss right down to just below the gum line, wrapping it around the tooth in a C shape and moving it up and down several times to remove as much plaque as possible. If you aren’t sure about flossing, ask us for help. We will be delighted to show you a few simple tricks that’ll make all the difference to your flossing technique.