Dental emergencies are upsetting but knowing what to do will help you until you can receive professional dental care.


Gently floss around the tooth because sometimes impacted food can dislodge a tooth, causing toothache. If this doesn’t help, then book an appointment to come and see us. Please don’t ignore a toothache especially if you begin to feel unwell or feverish because a bad tooth infection can be dangerous, affecting your general health.

Knocked out Tooth

Carefully retrieve the tooth by its crown and wash off any visible dirt but don’t scrub the tooth root. If you can, reinsert the tooth ensuring it faces the right way around and hold it in place with a clean finger or by biting down gently on a clean tissue and come to see us. Otherwise, store the tooth in a little milk or saliva and come to see us immediately. If a baby tooth is knocked out, then don’t reinsert it because it may damage the adult tooth underneath. 

Chipped Cracked or Broken Teeth

Contact us for an appointment as your tooth will need to be treated to prevent infection. Rinse your mouth to remove any broken pieces of teeth and carefully collect and store them to bring to your appointment. 

Cuts to Your Lips, Cheeks or Tongue

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water then apply a clean piece of gauze to the injury or alternatively use a damp teabag. Apply gentle pressure to the injury but if the bleeding fails to stop within 15 to 20 minutes, go to your nearest outpatient’s department.