Dental Health Week is important to us here at Diverse Dental as just like any part of the body if we fail to look after our mouth, then we will pay the price further down the road.

It is so important for us to educate people, as tooth decay (dental caries) is still a rampant disease, and sugar is our number one enemy. Furthermore, unlike many other illnesses, caries is entirely preventable, and it is a message we are keen to spread. We know that regular preventative dental care is the best and most cost-effective way to care for your mouth, and it can prevent diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Unfortunately, we also know that many people don’t visit the dentist regularly, and fear is still the main reason, while the cost is another big factor. This is why we offer a kid’s free day.

We want to ensure that visiting the dentist is an enjoyable process, and our entire team work hard to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment for patients. If we can educate the younger generation, we can remove the stigma associated with going for dental checkups, and this will help pave the path for good dental health for generations to come.