Braces do a wonderful job of straightening teeth, but they do require a little more attention than simply brushing and flossing. Follow these easy hygiene tips to help you take care of your braces, and of course, make sure you visit Diverse Dental for your six-monthly check-ups and cleanings.

Tooth Brushing

Brushing after each meal is critical while wearing braces as there are even more places for food and plaque to hide. Otherwise, white decalcification marks can permanently mark teeth. Take a few minutes more to clean around brackets, wires and elastics.


Flossing with braces is a little different from usual, but don’t worry! We can show you different techniques and tools to use when your braces are fitted, and we are always here if you need more advice.

Adjusting Your Diet

Hard, sticky or very crunchy foods can break or damage brackets and wires, delaying your treatment. Avoiding these foods will reduce the risk of breakages. If you do break your brace, contact us immediately to arrange for it to be mended professionally.